Common cores : Moroccan international baccalaureate english option (BIOA)

here you’ll find ,students handouts for common core’s life earth science courses ( known in french as Tronc commun scientifique /جذع مشترك علمي)

Area 1 :


Ecology is a branch of life sciences that pertains  to the distribution and abundance of living beings, the interaction among organisms in a natural habitat, and the interactions between living beings and their  environment. Ecologists try to understand the inner workings of natural ecosystems and theorganisms they contain

  • what are the main components of  an environment?                           
  • what do we mean by natural balance?                                                  
  • how do living beings interact with each other and with the environment?        All of this subjects will be adressed in this unit for the first term

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Area 2

Plant reproduction

throughs photosynthesis ,Plants can make tehir own organic matter  , which is why they’re called producers , this statement outlines the major role green plants have in ecosystems or even the global economy , which  lead us to inquire about it’s reproduction 
Plant reproduction is the production of new progeny , which can be accomplished by sexual or asexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction produces offspring by the fusion of  sexual cells called gametes, resulting in offspring genetically different from either parent while asexual reproduction leads to the germination of new plants identicals to the previous generation

  • what are the types of plants?                           
  • what do we mean by sexual and asexual reproduction?                                                  
  • how to knowledge of plants life cycle can be used to improve agricultural production?       you will study this unit for the second  term 
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